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    Filmed in kodiak, ak

    The best set for an Alaskan horror story is Alaska itself. We took full advantage of the wilderness to bring imagery to life. Mossy pine forests, constant rain, misty mountains, and roaring oceans all come together to make a surreal environment for our journey.


    an alaskan legend

    Loosely based on a book written in the 1900s titled “The Strangest Story Ever Told” by Harry Colp. This film follows a recently widowed prospector as he struggles alone in the Alaskan wilderness in his desperate search for gold. Isolation has not been kind to him; his deceased wife haunts his dreams at night, and his excruciating labor yields nothing but worthless dregs during the day. He hears mysterious noises in the surrounding forest. Is someone or something out there? Or is his despair and loneliness overtaking him?