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We’ve put a ton of passion and experience into creating something uniquely Alaskan and it holds a special place in our hearts. This story is ancient, and the research that went into uncovering every little nuance of the culture and history of the “Kushtaka” has made this short horror film something special. You will notice all sorts of little things in this film, from the set pieces, period clothing, and hand made props. Everything was studied and made to look and feel as authentic as possible.

In making this film, we went through a lot of the weather battles. Typical for Alaska, the weather was unpredictable and chaotic. Even an earthquake happened on the first day of filming, which gave us a scare as we waited for word about a potential Tsunami. But we pushed through, and lucked out.

This is Director Cameron Currin’s first professional short film, and he has learned many things during the process. This film was 2 years of planning and writing, 2 months of prep, and 1 month to film. Most cast and crew did all the work for free, and everyone’s spirits were very welcoming and professional.

Please support us in our upcoming crowdfunding campaign, and we look forward to showing our film at festivals around the world.